Quite Possibly the Best Penis Extender I Ever Reviewed

Penis Extender Review by Quincy Farglo

The following is a everyday life testimonial that people asked one of our users to report on and they kindly agreed.

I’m excited to bring you this personal testimonial, as it allows me to better communicate the effectiveness of this product and allows you to see what it’s really like to wear the Phallogauge Penis Extender.

It also shows you what to expect on a daily basis.

Hope it really reveals what it’s like to put it on! — Quincy

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Ah, rise and shine. Brush my teeth and put on my extender. What this was like:

Woke up brushed my teeth (Yes I have morning breath…) and took a quick shower.

Today I did a downward stretch – that is, I had my penis pointing downwards and daily pushed my testicles to the left while my personal penis extended to the right of my testicle.

Packed my gear after which I put on my Model S Penis Extender Device.

We covered the belt around my left part and had it appear back under between my thighs so that it would pull my penis downwards.

Everything was stable so I put my underwear and then my jeans right back on and then I headed out.

The short walk to the bus. Did the PhalloGauge penis extender slip?

I usually like to go to the gymnasium in the first mornings, so it was about 6am when I left the house.

Fortunately for me personally, I live right next to my bus end, so I didn’t need to wait very long and I also hopped right on the bus.

The penis extender had been still fixed on actually though I walked a short range, so that has been good.

When I got on the bus, I paid the fare and then walked towards the back of the bus.

Though it shifted just a little, it was still in the stable lengthy position that I originally put it in.

As I sat down, I anticipated that something might affect the penis extender, but nothing bad happened.

This is what happened when my ride arrived.

The bus was approaching my stop and we was getting ready to obtain off the bus.

I was expecting the penis extender to slip off because the shift in position from sitting to standing might create it slip.

However, that is actuallyn’t what happened.

What took place?

Well, nothing – I basically stood up with the penis extender still in place.

Combine this rush with the fact that you’re wearing a penis extender and it makes it seem only a little challenging.

It’s always a little tricky with the bus situation because you want attain off as quickly as possible because you wouldn’t want to hold everyone up.

However, with the Model S penis extender, nothing went wrong at all.

I like to go to the gym in the morning, so here’s what the routine is like with the penis extender:

Little people on the two block stroll to my local Equinox – after all, it was fairly early in the morning.

And I can assure you that they were not distracted or anything because they weren’t staring at their phone, but alternatively, looking directly ahead.

I walked passed some people on the sidewalk but they didn’t notice the penis extender at all.

This pretty much gave me confidence that I could put on this thing anywhere.

And in the locker room (Don’t worry I’ll leave out details ? )

I walked to the front desk regarding the gym, swiped my personal membership card, and headed to the locker room.

We took it off so that I could have a “less complicated” workout.

I performedn’t desire anyone observe the penis extender after I took off my underwear so I simply went in to the stall and took it off there.

I took a drip since I was there, and then stored the penis extender in my personal pocket. There was no bulge in my pocket because it was actually super small.

It took less than 10 seconds to leave.

The nice part is it does not hit the floor because the foam ring looped around the base of my penis kept it from undertaking so.

Yes, I’m not kidding. The reason why it practically took me virtually no time to take it off is really because all I needed doing was unhook the clasp and the whole device elegantly falls off like layers peeling off an onion.

You’ll be surprised what it was like wearing it at work.

After I showered, I reversed the process to put the cock extender back on (bathroom stall, put on device, then had gotten dressed).

Took myself about 20 seconds to put it on.

Wearing the penis extender at the office was fairly uneventful.

I view that as a completely good thing – i did not want any malfunction to happen at all!

I left the gym and walked to operate.

People passed by my desk, no response, but the ocassional “hey, how’s it going”.

Little did they know that I was wearing this contraption under my pants!

Seated at the desk was comfortable, walking around was also comfortable and easy.

So the day went by, as I said, uneventful, had gotten everything I needed to carry out done, and i did son’t experience any interference or trouble with my work-related tasks.

Checking myself in the bathroom mirror a few times i did not see any bulge that might raise any suspicions.

Heading home! Any problems so far? No!

Because you simply wear a penis extender for 4-6 hours each day, I took it off around 2pm in the centre of work.

Again, it was really easy – simply went to the restroom stall took it off in less than 10 seconds and stuffed it in my wallet.

The bulge due to it’s size was no bigger than my cell phone.

Whenever I got in to my desk, I stuffed it in my suitcase.

Rest of the work day went usually. Whether wearing the penis extender or not wearing it – the day essentially went the same.

At around 4:30 pm, I left work and caught the shuttle back into my destination and pretty much relaxed and wound down for the day.

Other things you should be aware of:

  • I also liked that since all the stretching was actually done at work – I could come home and relax, unlike jelqing where I had to devote 30 minutes a day after work to this exercise routine.
  • I truly liked the undeniable fact that I was multitasking at work – developing my penis and getting paid to do it.
  • The light stretch that the extender applied to my penis didn’t affect my personal daily tasks or ability to do them.

A Daily Task: How to Clean the Model S penis extender

As basic hygiene tells us, we should clean things that people expect to use consistently over time.

However, something that you may have not thought of cleaning was your Model S penis extender device.

One thing that follows this principle are clothes you own – you should be washing them with your laundry.

This too needs to be cleaned periodically because you don’t want it to hold harmful bacteria that will cause a wellness issue.

Therefore, we recommend cleaning your Model S extender at the very least every 2 weeks or if you substantially start to feel it’s getting dirty.

Additionally, you don’t want to buy to be sticky which could make putting on it feel uncomfortable and gross. This even worse because if you decide not to wear it since it’s not clean, then you’re hurting yourself in the long run by losing out on days making gains. And this is actually a reason that one can completely control.

In this short article, we’re going to discuss the appropriate way to clean your Model S penis extender and potential things to avoid too.

Just like anything you use, the PhalloGauge penis extender also gets dirty so you have to clean it.

This penis extender gets dirty typically due to the sweat, oils and lifeless skin cells that transfer from your body to the extender device.

This isn’t problem for the Model S, after all, it was designed to withstand this style environment.

Eventually, when you don’t clean this extender for extended periods period, the grime and dirt start to become noticeable.

As we know, the silicone rubber material has natural adhesion properties that allow it to grip the upper shaft of the penis without any energy. One way of placing it is that the silicone creates a natural suction to attach itself to the skin on your cock.

The part that is most affected as soon as the device gets dirty is the silicone polymer plastic material.

However, when dead skin cells start to accumulate on the silicone rubber part, the skin dead skin cells (and dust, for that matter) block the silicone plastic from gripping the penis shaft effectively – the silicone rubber starts to grip onto the dust and dirt rather than your penis shaft.

Nevertheless, don’t fear if this happens, there are easy cleaning steps that you can take to replace the adhesion (sticky) properties of the silicone part to 100% gripping ability.

You can easily see this for yourself. If you are curious, you are able to try to dispose of some lint or dust on the silicone material and try to wrap it around your penis. You will instantly notice that the silicone rubber didn’t stick to your penis shaft like it once used to.

Here are the easy steps on how to clean it.

Cleaning the Model S Extender is extremely easy.

All you’ve got to do is rinse the silicone rubber part (the part that grips to your upper shaft) under water.

It also helps to rub the silicon rubber with your fingers to assist get off the grime and dust that are sitting on the rubber.

In fact, even if you scrub difficult with your fingers (in addition to making use of both water and hand detergent), it still won’t damage the device at all.

You can also use ordinary hand soap if desire – this can really get your silicone polymer rubber thoroughly clean – and it’s not going to damage the silicone rubber part.

That’s perfect for guys who need get a good clean in.

The same process can be performed with the foam loop part that goes around the base of your penis.

That’s great because oahu is the same simple process and does not further complicate things.

Don’t worry, we designed the Model S penis extender very carefully, and withstanding harsh environments ended up being definitely a requirement.

After you’re done cleansing these two parts, you can proceed to dry them with a soft towel or let them air-dry.

The foam loop part is made from weather-resistant EPDM foam, and as a result, it’s also extremely durable to weathering factors that you might think of as damaging.

However, the number of dirt particles that you add from a towel is pretty small, so it’s not super important whether you dry with a towel or not.

Air-drying is preferable (the areas dry really quickly) because rubbing these parts with a soft towel will include dust particles back on which is what you’re were trying to fix within the first place.