So Which Is Better? Penis Extenders or Manual Stretching Exercises?

Article by Quincy Farglo

What Most Guys in the Penis Enlargement Community won’t tell you.

How does one go about understanding the effectiveness of these two methods?

It has bothered guys since the beginning of penis enlargement.

Chronologically, penis extenders came way before manual dick stretching exercises.

It was theorized that by using your hands to accomplish manual dick stretches if you modeled the act of dick traction, you’d get the exact same results.

This is not completely incorrect, but it isn’t entirely accurate either.

While there have been many reviews by guys online who have experienced span increases from member stretches, the ultimate reply to: “Does manual penis stretching work?” is not a definitive “Yes, it functions.”

It’s supposed that it operates as it is supporting theory by using the proof from member extenders.

Dick extenders are established, manual exercises are not.

No-brainer motives to use a penis extender over manual stretching exercises.

Here’s the hard cold fact:

It is not like there was just some one arbitrary study on penis extenders. There are lots of studies done all over the world, and all revealed postive results.

Oh and the general PE community and experts like PhalloGauge Medical PDMP Center of Excellence would agree with me on this.

It’s indisputable.

Here are some findings from prominent studies on penis extenders.

The clinical study done by the Andromedical practice in Madrid, Spain

Dick extenders save you the time you’d otherwise be using tugging at your dick with your hands.

Most newsgroups recommend doing penis stretches for 20 minutes a day.

However, their guidance is based just on testimonials, and not like the penis extender clinical results we linked to previously.

One easy solution to create manual penis stretches more successful is to extend while you’re seeing ESPN, the news, or Netflix.

That way you’re killing two-birds with one stone.

Personally, the greatest reason I changed to a dick extender was because I was simply too tired, coming home from work, to do any form of manual dick stretching. I only wanted to relax when I got home – you could be similar to me.

Yet, there’s still the non zero effort and focus variable that you have to contemplate. Dick stretching demands some level of focus, although some type of work, and only a little to make sure you’re doing the stretching exercises right and for the correct number of time for each representative.

a man relaxing on couch after a difficult day at work.
Dick extenders will save you both money and time in the long term.

Let us take a fundamental example: Fitness training with a personal trainer vs. doing it on your own. Now, assuming you’re just starting out, as most men do, you’ll read some guides and watch some videos that are youtube and try it out for yourself.

See, the personal trainer has the experience as well as secret nuggets of knowledge when it comes to diet and exercises which will get you faster, and farther ahead compared to the man who attempts to do it all by himself.

Allowed, you will probably get to that sub 10% body fat level, but nevertheless, it’ll probably take you many months more to do so than the guy that pays for and gets personal training.

This is really a basic fact, you’ll make mistakes in your own (which is perfectly good, and ultimately favorable), but the personal trainer will have made those errors for you, and therefore you do not have to.

So what can we conclude on penis extenders vs. manual stretching exercises?

Well, the errors you make with dick stretching exercises (typically, not holding each representative long enough or with sufficient intensity), will occur and certainly will place you back time wise and results.

And time is money – we need to be operating at optimum efficiency, particularly since penis enlargement naturally occurs over time on the order of weeks.

For instance, I paid about $200 for a monthly gym membership and it guranteed that I went to the gym at least 3 times since I liked to ensure I got my money’s worth. And this strategy worked 100%.

You are more inclined to stay to it and use it for the basic reason that you simply put up cash for it, when you put down that first investment on the penis extender.

You’re not as inclined to give up when using a penis extender.

Hope that helps with your enlargement decision!